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Who we are?


Our chef starts the challenge to mix haute and casual cuisine in the brand new “Al Trapo” restaurant in Hotel IBEROSTAR Las Letras Gran Vía in Madrid.


A cuisine steeped in tradition, but with hints of modernity, will compose a menu based on emotions from where each person may make up his own menu released from the classical starter-main course-dessert.Al Trapo’s Menu features eight different stations to stop at, flick through, and come back. Starting with the first "To Eat with Your Hands and Lick Your Fingers", followed by "Gentle and Classy", "Roguish and Zingy", "Meseta and Sea", "From Just Around the Corner", or "So Far and Yet So Near", each of which includes between four and six dishes. "Cheeses From Far and Near” and "Sweets" round off the options at Al Trapo.


Our chef have in mind guest’s tastes and curiosity allowing the guest to personalize his menu with a final touch at guest’s view in the new open concept kitchen.


"Al Trapo" releases from the standard service and attention to detail.